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If keeping your animals and pets warm is important to you then here is the perfect solution

by Chillchaser

Ultra Low-Glare, Low-Cost Infrared Heating for Dogs, Cats, Reptiles, Birds and Other Animals

Our Chillchaser® ranges of Ultra Low-Glare infrared heaters are designed to keep cats, dogs and other animals warm even when outside in kennels and sheds. The infrared heat is emitted from our specially designed heating elements and has the ability to heat the pets directly without heating the air within 20 square meters. Therefore the heaters are not affected by winds and drafts meaning no energy is wasted and your pets are provided with the soft and uniform warmth of infrared heating technology. Our patented 97% efficient infrared heating tubes make them an ideal choice for a low cost heat source perfect for keeping your animals warm. Our Chillchaser® products have no hot spots, they develop a uniform heat pattern which use less power to operate. We supply to Equestrian Centres, Kennels and Catteries as well as Animal Rescue Centres and Domestic Homes. There are heaters for the hen house, bird cages, reptile cages, brooders and farrowing units. A wallet saving minimum 2-3 year Warranty as standard and easy-fit heating tubes makes our heaters first choice of professionals throughout Europe. Even Nero (right) won’t let anyone near HIS heater!

A dog and a heater.

Shadow Low Glare Infrared Heater.

Stable and heaters

Ultra Low-Glare Shadow Infrared Pet Heaters 1.5kW, 2.0kW, 3.0kW & 4.0kW options
(now with easy-fit lamps)

The 1500W model is our lowest wattage infrared heater, but with the ShadowPlus† Remote Control option you can vary the heat to 75% and 50% for the comfort of the animals. Designed to be wall or roof mounted and even free standing, it works best pointing at your pets sleeping areas. Our full range all provide local radiant heat safely and economically, our ultra low-glare tubes prevent the eyes of the animal from being damaged and do not interrupt pets sleeping patterns. This is due to the low levels of visible light emitted.

There is also NO ultra violet radiation (as UV is dangerous to animals and humans) and all our heating tubes are UV-Block.

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Universal Infrared Pet Heater

Due to their heavy duty robust fitting, the IPX5 weatherproof heaters are suitable for outdoor use as well. In addition to heating, our free standing heaters do not burn at first touch or flame when they come into contact with alcohol. Moreover, they automatically switch off in the rare case of being knocked over. These are all features that will keep your pets safe and warm throughout the chilly periods of the year.

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