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Chillchaser® Brand is Proud to be a British Manufacturer
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Why buy British-Made Products?

Our UK Factory Floor Direct to your Door!


Chillchaser® is a UK Manufacturing and Design Company who are proud to have brought our production back to Britain creating new jobs and supporting British Industry. Our desire to create innovative and high quality for Global Markets has led us to Export our products to 26 Countries to date.

The “Made in Britain” Logo above is the latest push by British Manufacturer Stoves with the backing of fellow UK manufacturers and MPs. The logo was created by Cynthia Lee of Nottingham University as part of a nationwide campaign to design the best logo and was chosen by a panel of industry experts and endorsed by manufacturers up and down the country as a giant step towards bringing the “Made in Britain” brand awareness to the British public and consumers throughout Europe. Over two thirds surveyed (67%) want to see an official seal of approval for true British manufacturers and the Majority (52%) want to see manufacturing being brought back to Britain. 48% of Brits were confused as to what qualifies to be called “Made in Britain” Chillchaser® are delighted to show solidarity with Stoves and will be supporting this campaign and any UK manufacturer who joins up.