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HydraSport™ footwear dryer is a brand new product from Chillchaser which is essential for every household. This product provides you with the warm comfort of dryed shoes while killing all the nasty bacteria that might live in your footwear. As the list below shows, our unique boot dryer will guarantee you safe and comfortable shoes throughout the whole year.

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Uses and Effectiveness

HydraSport™ Model footwear dryer and Sterilizer effectively removes moisture, kills fungus and bacteria without damaging the footwear, headwear or gloves. It can also be used as an air-purifier to remove odours and floating bacteria in a room.

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Electrical Device

HydraSport™ is an electric dryer which deodorises, sterilises and dries. It uses negative oxygen ions to sterilise and eliminate bacteria. Shoe drying is done by electric thermal control.

Gentle targeted drying

Hydra footwear dryer provides 220W of heating power up to 80°C. At a constant 43ºc it will prevent shrinkage or damage to delicate materials such as leather shoes or woolen gloves.

Variable Temperatures means Gentle targeted drying

HydraSport™ Model footwear dryer and Sterilizer provides 300W of heating power up to 80°C. At a constant 43ºc it will prevent shrinkage or damage to delicate materials such as leather shoes or woolen gloves.

Anywhere use shoe dryers

Our shoe dryers can be used at home, in hotel rooms, sauna centers, office and beauty saloons, you name it.

Ozone Sterilization and Air Purification

Ozone generation with our design is < 50mg per hour, which will effectively sterilize shoes etc; fungi and virus are 99% killed in only 10 minutes. There is no health risk if the room is ventilated when you use the dryer, otherwise the ozone smell is more noticeable when dryer works and it is gone after some minutes(becomes Oxygen). Ozone turns into new oxygen soon after it is generated, especially when the ambient temperature is higher it changes faster and very quickly purifies the air in a smelly environment.

Full Specification

Uses a standard 220V AC / 110V AC electric supply
Frequency: 50Hz — 60Hz
Power: Standby- 1.6W
             Deodorising and sterilising: 7W
             Drying: 20 — 300W
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What Kind of Bacteria do our Shoe Dryers kill?

-Dermatophytosis (also known as Athlete's Foot)
-Fungal infection of the groin, jock itch (tinea cruris), for example
-Ringworm (tinea corporis)
-Pityriasis versicolor
-Yeast infections of the skin, eg Candida albicans
-Candida Albicans
-Trichophyton mentagrophytes
-Escherichia coli

In order to prevent from getting any of the fungus mentioned above one need to keep a very high hygiene. Using Chillchaser's Shoe Dryer keeping your shoes and feet dry and clean is 100% guaranteed.

What is an Athlete's foot?

Athlete's foot is a fungal infection of the foot caused by parasites on the skin called dermatophytes. The most common species that cause this desease are Microsporum, Epidermorphyn and Trichophyton. The last fungus is the one that affects people's feet. Our scientists have proved that Chillchaser's shoe dryers kill Trichophyton mentagrophytes in 93.92% rate for only 10 minutes of drying. If you have an Athlete's foot or any kind of fungus and you are trying to find a way to cure them and to keep them cured for the rest of your life buy our footwear dryer and forget about all your problems. See the next bar for more information on Trichophyton fungus. See more information about Athlete's foot on NHS website .

How to prevent Athlete's foot?

Preventing Athlete's foot could be uncomfortable or even annoying. In order to keep yourself safe from the desease you must ensure that you keep a very high higiene in terms of:
- Always dry your shoes/boots/sock etc, after use, especially if they get wet or sweaty.
- Use a footwear dryer or footwear sterilizer to sterilize and deodorize your shoes/boots/socks
- Wash your feet thoroughly every day, particularly between your toes.
- Reduce foot perspiration by using talcum powder on your feet.
- Avoid wearing tight-fitting footwear, particularly during the summer.
- Do not put on socks, tights or stockings before your feet are completely dry.
- Change your socks, stockings or tights regularly.
- If possible, wear pool slippers or flip-flops in communal changing rooms or shower areas.
- Alternating footwear can help ensure that you wear dry shoes at all times.
- Avoid borrowing shoes to lower the risk of spreading the infection.
- Wash your towels and bedding frequently.

What is Trichophyton?

This is a fungus that most commonly causes the athlete's foot. It is also known as "Malabar Itch" and is a skin infection which consists of an eruption of a number of concentric rings of overlapping scales forming patches. It could also cause ringworms, jock itch and similar infections of the nail, beard, skin and scalp. For more information see: NHS website

What is Candida Albicans?

This is a diploid fungus which is a casual agent of opportunistic oral and genital infections in humans. It could be easily acquired through feet. Infections like those have caused mordibility and mortality in immunocompromised patients. Those fungus live in 80% of the human population and might turn out to be extremely dangerous. The question is, is it worth the risk having them? Of course not. Our new footwear dryer helps you kill and prevent further infection of the aforementioned fungus. Keep your shoes clean in order to be safe.

HydraSport™ Shoe Dryer- the best on market

Our Footwear Dryers provide people with a permanent comfort of dry and odourless shoes. It also helps you keep your feet warm and dry during the rainy seasons which prevents you from getting a nasty cold or even fungi. More importantly all of the fungi and deseases mentioned above are instantly killed using our boot dryer.
In order to prevent your shoes from being a host for Candida albicans you need to sterilize them for 5 minutes and the positive effect is around 98.5% sterilizing.
10 minutes are required for the Trichopyton mentagrophytes to be killed with a successful rate of 94%.
5 minutes and you forget about the currently living Escherichia coli in your shoes with a sterilizing effective rate of 99.0%

Sterilizing Shoe Dryer

HydraSport™ is the first shoe dryer that provides you not only with dry shoes but with sterilized ones as well. Sterilizing is vital for you to keep yourself safe from various germs and fungi. Chillchaser®'s boot dryers could also be used as air purifier and cleaner which will eradicate horrible smells around your home including newly decorated rooms, smoking areas or rooms with mold in it, HydraSport™ will prevent you from the nasty smells and will also dry your shoes safely and effectively.

Quiet Boot Dryer

HydraSport™ is a low-noise appliance to minimize disturbance to less than 30db.