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Extend your Outdoor Life™ - with a Chillchaser® Heater

Warmth with a Difference

We all yearn for those long, warm, relaxing evenings in our gardens. Unfortunately, the weather in Europe does not always allow us to do this. Here, at Chillchaser®, we have developed the perfect solution with our new Stylish Carbon Fibre heaters. They provide far-infra-red heat, the only form of heat which does not blow away, enabling you to enjoy the tranquillity of your conservatory, caravan, boat, patio or garden throughout the entire year.If you want to know how the heaters work go to our how it works page .

The Chillchaser® story

In 2006, like many inventions, this product was the result of an incident
and reasoned argument rather than a “Eureka” moment for Scottish Entrepreneur Eddie Middleton who designed his first Outdoor Infra-red Heater to replace uneconomical and dangerous gas heaters outside pubs and restaurants. After 2 years of blood, sweat, tears and pretty much all of his money the product was ready to launch in the UK. The real excitement in his invention began in 2009 with his riveting BBC Television Show “Dragon’s Den” appearance. On Series 7, Eddie demonstrated his range of far-infra-red, remote controlled, Eco-friendly patio heaters rapidly attracting Global interest. He was offered a £255,000 investment (a record offer for the TV show), but Eddie rejected the offer from the Telecoms Giant Peter Jones and Recruitment Magnate James Caan. Electric Carbon Fibre Far-Infrared heaters produce radiant heat like the sun, warming people and not the air in between; think why does the sun heat us, but not outer space between us? Infra-red was called the “Light of Life” by the Greek Gods and Zeus was the god of heat and light. Without it Earth would cease to exist. These special carbon elements make this form of heating a very efficient and useful form of energy available to us at a fraction of the cost of bottled gas. These heaters are ideal for cold draughty areas both inside and out.


Worldwide New Launch Exclusive for Property & Home UK manufactured Eco-friendly Outdoor Heaters Chillchaser® recently announced the launch of their new ranges of Domestic & Commercial Indoor/Outdoor Heaters – these beautifully designed, state-of-the-art heaters, use the latest in Carbon Fibre Infra-red Heating technology coupled with advanced electronic controls to provide the owner with the world’s most efficient & effective heater. Packed with safety & economy features these products will use a maximum of ~33p per hour compared to a whopping £4.50 per hour to run a gas patio heater. There are No heavy gas cylinders to change and Chillchaser® heaters are 90% more energy efficient and produce less than 10% of carbon emissions compared to gas heaters! To Support #madeinUKagain go to this page .