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Horse Solariums

Chillchaser® Equestrian Heating in your horses' stall or general wash area is completely safe and has no negative effects on their well-being. Our Low Glare Infrared heaters have ZERO harmful Ultra-Violet radiation and horses cannot ‘tan’ or be harmed in any way. There are no fumes or odours with Chillchaser® equestrian heaters either, they are completely water and dust proof as well as easy to install. Economical to run due to energy efficient Power-Infrared heat conversion. Horses very quickly grow to appreciate and enjoy the comfort as the heat feels completely natural and comfortable – replicating the effect of warm sunshine.

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Low running costs

Over 95% of the energy is converted directly to infra-red radiant heat which heats people and not the air. The heat is also unaffected by the level of wind. All our heaters produce safe infrared radiant energy that is remarkably efficient and cost effective to run. Element lifespan is unaffected by the use of motion sensors, meaning that the heaters can be designed to operate only when customers are present, resulting in huge savings.

Increase your profits

The Shadow Infrared Outdoor Heaters increase profits through more frequent use of your outdoor dining and drinking areas later into the evening and all year round. Keep your outdoor customers cosy and warm, or risk losing them to a more comfortable venue.


All Heaters are constructed from Marine Grade stainless steel and special composite alluminium alloy, providing outstanding resistance against corrosion - an important feature for humid climates or coastal areas.

Maintenance free

The Infrared Heaters have no moving parts, easily replaceable heating tube and best of all no more annoying Gas bottles to refill! The low glare elements have on average 6000 hour lifespan.

Wall mounted

Since there are no open flames or carbon monoxide emissions mounting clearances are minimal. In fact, the infrared can be recessed into a ceiling, or even mounted close to sail cloth and awnings. The minimum mounting height is 2.3m .


The Shadow Heater incorporates a specially designed electric quartz heating element that produces safe infrared energy. In addition, Infrared heaters emit no harmful ultraviolet rays or emissions, making them the perfect choice for heating large outdoor areas in bars, cafes, hotels and restaurants where safety of patrons and general public is a priority.

Environmentally friendly

Many countries and major cities are banning the use of gas patio heaters and replacing them with electric infra-red heaters which emit no harmful carbon emissions and offer a safe and green alternative.


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Pony Pack (A)

3kW Low Glare Heat + Time Lag Switch

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Pony Pack (B)

4.0kW of Low Glare Heat + Variable Controller

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Equestrian Pack (C)

4.5kW of Low Glare Heat + Time Lag Switch

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Equestrian Pack (D)

6kW of Low Glare Heating Power + Variable Controller

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Professional Pack (E)

6.0kW of Low Glare Heat + Remote Variable Controller

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Useful Information

    Low Glare Infrared solarium heating improves blood circulation through a ’vasodilatory response’ whereby biochemical compounds are transported around the horses body faster aiding digestion and increasing the flow of blood to organs. This in turn speeds up the dispersion of lactic acid through the horse and increases the flow of blood to reproductive organs which is believed to increase fertility in both mares and stallions.

    By warming horses before exercise the danger of muscle strain is greatly reduced as horses are not starting exercise with cold muscles whilst also shortening the warm-up period before riding. Horses’ tense and cold muscles are prone to strain and unnecessary stress which can all be avoided with infrared stable heating. Moreover injured and unwell horses will particularly reap the rewards of infrared heating whilst they are recovering. Infrared solarium heating has long been acknowledged as a healing and comforting heat source for horses and ponies. Chillchaser® has enhanced that heat source and developed Low Glare infrared lamps to promote equestrian wellbeing.

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The clipping process removes your horse or ponie's coat and vital oils used to keep them warm. This can be highly uncomfortable during the colder months. Our equestrian infrared heating provides instant warmth and ensures that your horse can relax during the entire clipping process whatever the weather and especially when they are wet after the wash down, ensuring their comfort throughout the entire process.

Grooming and tacking up

Warming up before strenuous exercise is essential to protect muscles from strain because warm muscles work better. There is no healthier way to protect your horse than to provide it with instant heat inside or outside its own stable before being ridden. Warming down after exercise is just as important especially after a good sweat has been worked up. With Chillchaser's equestrian options you can groom and tack up in complete warmth and comfort. At the flick of a switch, whatever the weather – instant heat. Horses (and riders) really benefit from being properly warmed up before exercise. Your horse will relax and enjoy getting ready and so will you!


Just flick the switch and enjoy the instant heat as it were for the rays of the sun. Completely controllable and incredibly comfortable. Your horse or pony will dry even in the coldest weather – even outdoors! No effort or stress, just give them some hay to chew on and make yourself a cup of tea. Drying has never been as easy.

Rug and tack drying

Hang your rugs and anything else in front of an infrared heater and you have the perfect dryer no matter how cold it is outside. Costing under 30p per hour to run, your rugs (numnahs, stable rubbers, tail bandages, dogs and Barbours) will be dry in no time.

Muscle Relaxation

We all know that heat is an excellent healer and often used in physiotherapy. The infrared rays of our heaters is readily absorbed into muscle tissue, where it stimulates blood circulation and aids rapid repair. The perfect equine solarium with versatility and functionality. You can work on your horse under the lamps whilst they do their work in complete comfort. Horses and ponies can enjoy the benefit of infrared warmth for prolonged periods, whereas the outdated and cumbersome equine solariums that are presently available have very limited use. The turn of a dial or even using remote control. We offer a comprehensive range of heater controllers that can regulate the heat output and provide the perfect level of warmth in any conditions inside or out.

Foaling and Wellness

The comfort and warmth provided by our equine solutions is ideal for foaling. The soft but effective light also allows discrete observation after dark, which is when so many mares prefer to foal so harsh conventional lighting is not needed to see what is going on. Sick and injured animals also appreciate the added comfort of infrared heat that is so similar to the warmth provided by the sun aiding rapid convalescence and improved healing. According to Philips:

“the benefits of this form of heat therapy are based on locally enhanced blood circulation in the skin, caused by vasodilatory response. It has also been shown to speed the healing of non-infected wounds, in many cases providing rapid and effective pain relief. It has also been found to accelerate the healing of eczemas and saddle sores, and help clear sinus congestion.”

Show preparation

For those of us who show ponies and horses, or enter them into competitions such as show jumping, our equine solutions are a real boon; They help accelerate the natural molting process, minimizing the stage in-between. Horses or ponies dried under our infrared heaters produce smoother, glossier coats because the natural oils in the coat are stimulated. Plaiting is much easier too and you won’t suffer from frozen fingers while working with damp manes and tails.

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