Chillchaser® New Easy-fit Lamp System for Shadow and ShadowPlus† with remote
(Wall mounted and Hanging Infrared Heaters)

Chillchaser’s revolutionary new Easy-fit lamp system

Change a lamp in less than 10minutes and all you need is an Allen-Key :)
(Yes, it’s now that simple to change one of our Low Glare or Ultra Low glare Heating tubes - even Eddie- MD of Chillchaser®, can do it in less than 5 minutes)
Do it onsite and without taking the fitting off the wall !
(just make sure to turn off the power first !)

With advancing technology in the infrared heating marketplace has come an unwanted side effect: lamps are so well integrated into the heaters, that have become impossible for the untrained to even attempt changing. Many well known brands can take up to 20 minutes for an expert to swap over.

Our Shadow range are now exclusively fitted with the worlds most advanced lamp connection system enabling almost anyone to change a faulty or 1 broken lamp in a matter of three or four minutes.

There is no loss in weather/waterproofing (IP65) whatsoever. This technological progress has been made possible by totally re thinking the way in which lamp fittings have evolved and utilising state-of- the-art heat resistant materials.

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How to change guide.
Easy fit connector
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