Cronus II with remote Control. Our latest Monster - 360 Table Heater - Carbon Fibre Infra-red Technology. Ideal for Commercial use in Cafes, Pubs, Hotels, Smoking Areas, Patios & Events. Far Infra-red Heating Technology Heats People not the Planet. This product saves at least 80% CO2 emissions when replacing gas heaters — Aluminium Finish - Stylish Design
— Safety Touch Flocking - No Burnt fingers!
— Remote Control - 2 Heat Settings
— Latest Technology Carbon Fibre Tubes
— Get as Many Different Tops as you Need for a Single Unit ( click here )

Cronus Table Heater strip

Carbon Fibre Tube

Instant 360° 1600W power.

Chillchaser Carbon Fibre Tubes are designed for a minimum of 6000hrs of use. 2 heat setting: 800w & 1600w with 360 degree all round heat Uses a standard 220-240V 50Hz AC electric supply : No heavy gas cylinders or harmful Gases Effective heating distance up to 2metres diameter Safety tip-over switch and thermal cut-offs for your safety. Corrosion resistant protective Stainless Steel 304 table & grill Safety Flocking on Grille to protect little fingers and clothes

Full Function Remote Control

Cronus has a remote control to allow the user to turn on/off the heating tubes without bending down.

Safety features

Should the heater be accidentally knocked over it will automatically shut down and will not operate until it is restored to it's upright position and reset.



Full Specification

Mains powered - no harmful fumes, no gas cylinders to change
Produces latest carbon fibre 'Far Infrared' heating which is 95% efficient heat conversion to Infra Red
Safety tip-over and thermal cut-off devices
Element lasts more than 6,000 hours and spare parts are available from
Aluminium finish
Safety Flocking grille to protect elements and prevent burns
IP24 Splash proof design
Height: 110cm
Width: 70cm
Diameter: Cronus I III and IV come with 60cm Diameter and Cronus II comes with 70cm Diameter
Cable: 5 Metres
Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz
Power: 1600w
Weight: 20Kg
Tops: Cronus I and II come with an Aluminium Top
           Cronus III comes with a Circle Glass Top
           Cronus IV comes with a Square Glass Top

Cronus Safety

Warning – customers who change the table top to their own design must counter balance the base for stability. Chillchaser are not responsible for any accidents or injuries for improper use or amended specifications. Eddie Middleton (MD)

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