Artemis is an ideal solution for a two person domestic patio or balcony space. With two heat settings. Artemis comes with an adjustable table and a weatherproof cover to protect Artemis from the elements. Artemis has two carbon fibre heating tubes which significantly reduce running costs and cuts carbon dioxide emissions compared with gas patio heaters. Also available in stunning gold finish.
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Carbon fibre heating

Instant heat with two heat settings - 1200W / 2400W.

Far Infrared Electric heaters offer more focused heat, heating people rather than the air and emit zero CO2 exhaust gases unlike gas patio heaters. Far Infrared carbon fibre heating is used worldwide in hospitals for many problems as it is proven to be the most natural, versatile, and healthy form of heat known to man. FIR heat helps maintain body vitality and increases metabolic function without side effects .

metal base with wheels

Artemis features a sturdy base with built in lockable rollers for easy mobility around patio areas.

Safety features

Should the heater be accidentally knocked over it will automatically shut down and will not operate until it is restored to it's upright position and reset.

Adjustable table

The table can easily adjusted using the included Allen key for seated or standing persons.
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Full Specification

Mains powered - no harmful fumes Produces latest carbon fibre 'Far Infrared' heat
Safety tip-over and thermal cut-off devices
Element lasts more than 10,000 hours and spare parts are available from
Chrome finish
Adjustable wooden table
Chrome grill to protect elements
IXP4 Splash proof design
Height: 2 Metres
Cable: 5 Metres
Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50Hz
Power: 1,200 and 2,400W
Weight: 15Kg

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