Cable protector with wires

Full specifications

Easy fit - push cable into 22mm aperture on topside
Heavy duty rubber 76mm wide
Single bore 22mm fits most cables
Fits all Chillchaser infrared patio heater cables

Hire Pricing

Hiring cable protectors costs £5 (excl. VAT) in addition to the price of renting out the heaters.

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Hercules, Titan, Jupiter Front Logo(150x120mm @ £25 each more info):
Hercules, Titan, Jupiter Full Vinyl Wrap(1500x120mm @ £120 each more info):
Cronus Round Table Top Vinyl(700mm @ £45each more info):

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*Delivery and Uplift:

Carriers can no longer guarantee next day deliveries therefore please get your orders in early (min. 2 days preferred). Total maximum cost is £41+VAT per heater up to £120+VAT for 12 multiple units inclusive of both journeys. Saturday special deliveries are £25 + VAT extra per heater. NO uplifts on saturdays. Upon quotation, acceptance below you will receive an OLRI (onloan-rental-invoice) for signing and £1 guarantee payment per unit.

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