As Seen On Dragon's Den

The 7th series of Dragons Den featured our first ever outdoor Infrared heaters Zeus, Neptune and Mercury on Wednesday the 15th of July 2009. Eddie was kept in the den under severe pressure and “interrogation” for more than 2 and half hours which was edited down to 9 minutes on air. Eddie still holds the record of the biggest offer recorded on the show but passed up the offer from James Caan and Peter Jones who wanted 50% of the company.

The future of patio heaters Peter Jones

Why Buy Chillchaser Patio Heaters?

Looking for the best outdoor infrared electric patio Heaters? Then look no further our products are the solution to your problem.

30 Days Return

If you are unhappy with any of our products or there is a technical problem with your Chillchaser Infrared Heater you can return them within 30 days. Handling charges may apply.

Fast Shipping

We use Fed-Ex and Interlink Express next day delivery as our primary method.£9.50 + VAT up to 10kg UK mainland.

Secure Payments

We use secure payment methods including Worldpay,Paypal,Mastercard and Amex

High Quality Premium Patio Heaters

Using the latest carbon fibre heating technology to produce 'far infrared heat' for a pleasant deep penetrating heat.

Made in Britain

We are proud to say we are part of the Made in Britain campaign, making our heaters in our factory in Edinburgh.

FREE Expert Advice

We provide Monday to Friday 9-5 advice from an expert in our field of products.

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Our Team

Meet the people who make Chillchaser the best infrared electric patio heater manufacturer in Britain

Eddie Middleton Picture

Eddie is the inspiration and brains behind our company. He has invented or redesigned many of the products you will find on this website .

Eddie Middleton

Managing Director

Stephen Murray Picture

Stephen was recently promoted to Chillchaser Webmaster. He has also set up his own company doing web design and social networking consultation.

Stephen Murray

Web Master

Rares Matei Picture

Rares has now left Chillchaser® following his graduation in Computing Science at Aberdeen University to work with Morgan Stanley.

Rares Matei

Web/IT Consultant

Georgia Middleton Picture

Georgia is the friendliest person in our company therefore she is solely responsible for the after-sales satisfaction of all of our customers.

Georgia Middleton

Customer Care

Olivia Middleton Picture

Ollie, as she is fondly known as, works freelance (StrangeCow Productions) for our Company as “video producer and photographer”.

Olivia Middleton

Video Producer and Photographer

Blondie Middleton Picture

Everyone who visits the premises knows her favourite treats and if you don't pay attention to her then be prepared to be pawed until you do.

Blondie Middleton

Guard Dog(not really)

Want to hire one of our products?

We’re here to help you with your heating needs

Our Customers

Our Commercial Customers come back for more Chillchasers.
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Want to buy one of our products?

We’re here to help you with your heating needs


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Our Achievements

3 TV Appearances
4 Awards Won
30+ Number Of Export Countries
2000+ Customers Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

+Which heater should I buy?

Here at Chillchaser® we have many patio heaters for all occasions and it can be difficult to decide which one to go for so here is a quick guide:

Agricultural building Infrared heating -Shadow Range
Agriculture Infrared heating -Shadow Range
Building Entrance Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Cafe Infrared heating -Shadow XT and ShadowPlus
Canopies Infrared heating -Shadow and ShadowPlus
Decking areas Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Exhibition hall Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Golf Driving range Infrared heating -Shadow and ShadowPlus
Indoors/ protected outdoor Infrared heating -All Models
Outdoor Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Cantilever Parasol Infrared heating -Maximus
Patio Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Pet Infrared heating -Ultra Low Glare
Portable Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Pub Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Public areas Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Restaurant awning Infrared heating -Shadow XT
Showroom Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Smoking shelter Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter
Umbrella Infrared heating -Maximus
Veterinary Infrared heating -Wall Mounted
VIP lounges Infrared heating -Shadow Range
Wall mounted Infrared heating -Shadow Range
Warehouse Infrared heating -Shadow XT
Work shed Infrared heating -Shadow Range
World wide sporting events Infrared heating -Hercules,Titan and Jupiter

+Why do we offer 3 year warranty for our outdoor heaters?

Unlike every other manufacturer we give you 3 whole years of warranty for your infrared heater. That is how confident we are about the quality of our products! For more information see our warranty page.

+What makes our electric patio heaters unique?

- An economical breakthrough in garden, patio and conservatory heating!
Warms YOU up on those cool evenings in the garden without wasting energy heating the air! With no heavy, expensive or fiddly gas cylinders to worry about, and with running costs at around 10% of a typical gas heater for the same heat output, you needn't be left out in the cold again!
  - Never runs out of gas
  - Low running costs - around 10% of gas
  - Clean and efficient
  - 3kW Power (equivalent to 13kW Gas Heater)
  - 2 Patented Carbon Fibre Heating Tubes, 10, 000 hours of heat with an Ultra Low Glare visible red/orange glow
  - Complete with 5m Cable, fully approved to EAN standards and IPX5
  - Aluminium Casing and SS Fittings
  - Easy to assemble - takes just 2 minutes

+What is our aftersale service?

Here at Chillchaser® we have a few pertinent thoughts on product manufacturing and customer requirements:
  -Innovation & Design of the Best Patio Heaters
  -Safety & Quality Manufacturing of Garden Heaters
  -Listening to your feedback
  -Customer Service
We are proud to announce that we are now supplying 26 countries with high quality patio heaters. For more information visit: our philosophy page .

+Are our heaters noisy?

Nothing is worse than the horrible racket of a gas heater smell when you are trying to eat or drink - simply replace them with our different Outdoor Heaters and enjoy peace, tranquility and warmth!

+What are the Running Energy Costs for our Garden Heaters?

Infrared Heat also known as "The Light of Life" combines to maintain body vitality and increase metabolic functions without any detrimental effects. Our Garden Heaters Work on Wavelengths of 0.8 to1.4 microns are the optimum energy wavelengths absorbed safely. Our patented carbon fibre heating elements give off NO dangerous UV radiation which is often found on halogen heating tubes.

+What do our heaters provide you with?

Looking for the best outdoor patio heater? Then look no further our products are the solution to your problem. They have:
  -Slim Aerodynamic Construction – doesn’t blow over like gas heaters!
  -3.5mm Extruded Aluminium Construction – never rusts!
  -Instant Heat – Maximum Heating effect in less than 30 seconds
  -Effective up to 5M
  -Weatherproof - can be left outside in the rain
  -Portable - built-in roller in the base
  -Eco Friendly
  -Remote Control
  -Extend you outdoor life by giving you room outside
  -Can be easily bolted to the ground

+Infrared Patio Heater- make a difference

Low Running Costs 36p/hour for our garden heaters - compare £7/hour for gas heaters In full maximum heat operation ChillChaser® units draw up to 3Kw of power per hour. Because they only heat people and not the air they are not affected by the wind. Efficient power-heat conversion of 95%.  Average UK electricity costs are approximately £0.12 per Kw/hour, giving the unit an approximate running cost of 36p/hour when in full operation (both heating tubes plus light). However, when using the PIR economy button this is further reduced hence reducing the energy costs even further. Compare this running cost against the cost of frequently replacing gas cylinders in your area = £7/hr.? What is the cost saving? = £6.64 every hour of use.
For more information visit our how it works page.

+How many Heaters would I require for my Patio Area or Marquee?

Using our 3000w UK-Made Electric Patio Heater Models as the example… Great for Outdoor Events, Sports Events, Marquees, Tents and Wedding Heaters.
See some of the plans for areas heated with Chillchaser® infrared heaters.

+What is the effective range of our heaters?

Using our 3000w UK-Made Electric Patio Heater Models as the example… Great for Outdoor Events, Sports Events, Marquees, Tents and Wedding Heaters.
See some of the plans for areas heated with Chillchaser® infrared heaters.

+Carbon Fibre Outdoor Heaters

Carbon fibre technology is derived from the technology used in hospitals to treat circulation disorders and skin complaints. It has been proven to be the most natural, versatile and healthy form of heat. The heat rays developed by the carbon fibre tubes provide infrared heat which heats people. These tubes DO NOT HEAT THE AIR!
Chillchaser Carbon Fibre Heating Tubes emit a far-infrared glow, the same as a burning wooden log or peat briquette, without using up valuable fossil fuels.

+Environmentally Friendly— Chillchaser® Garden Heaters

ChillChaser® customers will receive an "Authenticated Certificate of Carbon Emissions Offset" for their premises and a waterproof badge to stick on the heater, dated and verified. ChillChaser® use this money to purchase Carbon Credits known as VER's from Carbon Clear which are in turn used to fund important carbon reduction projects that improve lives in developing countries. Zeus, Neptune, Mercury, Hercules, Titan, Jupiter & Artemis heaters lower Carbon emissions by at least 70% compared to a gas heater and are now available as a carbon offset heater at a cost of: £10.00 per year for 1000 hours commercial use. £1.00 per year for 100 hours domestic use. Lower your carbon footprint.
Find out more about Carbon Clear Projects on this link

+Chillchaser's Weatherproof Patio Heaters

These patio heaters have patented weather proof fittings that have enabled the award of an IPX5 Weatherproof rating, which means that it is produced to be left outside and will not be affected by weather conditions, specifically water ingress. The heating tubes are installed in such a manner that they can take direct exposure to water, beer or even flammable liquids like Whisky or Vodka!

+To what extent are these electric infrared heaters waterproof?

All electric infrared heaters should come with an IP classification.
This means that electricians can only install them if they are compliant with UK 'Part P' electrical installation regulations regarding water resistance.
See more…

+Instant Heating?

Under real conditions, even outdoors, you will feel the heat in under 30 seconds – 2 meters away. This is especially beneficial for smoking areas where the economy setting should be used to save energy and lower carbon emissions. After one minute the heat can be felt up to 5 meters away.

+How about Smoking Areas?

Do you have or require a smoking area? As you are aware a large amount of the population are smokers. If you have been wondering how to provide them with a safe and warming environment outside your cafe/restaurant/hotel than our products are your answer. According to a recent survey 9/10 smokers said they would chose a pub with a heated and well lit smoking area.

+Odourless and Smokeless Garden Heaters

Nothing is worse than the smell and fumes coming from a gas patio heater when you are trying to eat or drink - simply replace them with our odourless and smokeless ChillChaser® Patio Heaters and avoid customer complaints.

+What is Masterlock™?

Masterlock enables the user to lock the control panel on the heater to prevent unauthorized use or tampering by children or clientele.

+Table and Table Top heaters 360°

Our HORECA customer feedback stated that by replacing normal tables with 360 degrees heater tables attracted more customers for longer which increased his profits significantly.

+Installation of Chillchaser Patio Heaters

  Our heaters are simple and quick to assemble in under than 2 minutes
  Easy to move
  Maximizes floor space availability
  Comes with a weather proof cover

+What is a Professional Heater?

Professional Heaters are used by registered professionals throughout Europe in various industries e.g Builders, Plasterers, Painters Decorator, Sprayers, Hairdressers etc will use the safest and most reliable heaters. This lowers the risk of accidents and insurance claims as well as keeping maintenance costs down. Energy Saving is also a consideration to these types of businesses who try to keep overheads to a minimum. Heaters and lighting are always a main line on any P&L spreadsheet!

Chillchaser Models of Professional Heaters — Our UK-Made Heaters Hercules, Titan and Jupiter Models are regularly used by Professionals. Heat-Outdoors Shadow and ShadowPlus models can be fitted to a telescopic stand for use in workshops and building sites.

+What is a Commercial Heater?

Commercial heater are used to heat a variety of materials. They are available in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations. There are many different types of commercial heaters. Choices include commercial air heater, commercial band heater, commercial coil heater, commercial cable heater, commercial cartridge heater, commercial cast-in heater, commercial ceramic fiber heater, and commercial circulation heater. Commercial Air heater are used to heat air. Commercial forced air products and all types of commercial radiant and commercial space heaters. Commercial Band heaters are ring-shaped heaters that clamp onto a cylindrical object and heat via conductive heat transfer. Coil heaters and cable heaters are heating elements formed from straight (uncoiled) segments of round or square heating cable. Commercial Cartridge heaters are cylindrical heaters that are inserted into a heated substance. Commercial Cast-in heaters are made-to-order tubular or wire heaters that are cast into a part. These parts are designed to be an integral component of a larger piece of equipment. Ceramic fiber heater is only used for radiant heat transfer. They are not designed for conduction heating applications. Commercial Circulation heater is used to heat moving or circulating fluids.

+Chillchaser® Garden Heaters— Industrial or Commercial Heaters

Chillchaser infrared heaters are designed specially for commercial and industrial use
  -Heavy duty aluminium construction
  -Durable Interpon300 Powder-coat finish
  -Never rusts and looks good for years
  -Easy to clean
  -Modular component assembly meaning easy to repair spare parts available here

+Patio Heaters with Lights

Some of our garden heaters have light included. The Jupiter infra-red heater has a spot light included and the Titan patio heater has a 360° light. Those and many other features make our infrared units stand out as being different patio heaters.

+How to Properly Recycle/Dispose of Your Old Patio Heater (Gas or electric)?

When it comes time to upgrade your old patio heater unit, we encourage you to dispose of it in a safe and environmentally friendly way. The following are guidelines to help you dispose of your patio heater safely:

CLEAN: Before you dispose of your patio heater, you will need to thoroughly clean all surfaces of debris or residue.

SAFETY FIRST: Wear work gloves to protect against sharp edges or burrs in the metal.
Where applicable, if a gas heater, make sure the gas tank is off and disconnected from the regulator/hose assembly before dismantling any other parts.

Note: It may be helpful to refer to the owner's manual to disassemble your heater, making sure to complete the steps in the reverse order.

Steel/Stainless Steel/Cast Iron/Brass/Aluminium: Once disassembled and cleaned, stainless steel, steel, cast iron, brass and aluminium parts from grills can be recycled by taking to your local scrap metal dealer to find a recycling centre near you. *Remove any non-metal attachments, prior to recycling.

Plastic Control Knobs: Gas control knobs are recyclable if they are made of black plastic. Follow local municipal guidelines for plastic recycling. If they are metal plated, they should be disposed of in the standard domestic garbage waste disposal system.

Unwanted Propane Tanks: Many landfills, recycling centres, and scrap metal dealers cannot recycle unwanted tanks because of the residual propane inside. However, most propane exchange companies like Calor etc., will take them and recycle them at no cost to you. Simply leave your empty beside a propane exchange display.

Insulator Cone: Please dispose of with your domestic garbage waste disposal system.

Weight Plate: Because the plastic weight plate is full of sand, please dispose of with your normal household waste

Wheels: Please dispose of with your normal household waste

Regulator/Hose Assembly: Please dispose of with your normal household waste. Remember to disconnect the gas hose from the gas line and any regulator before disposing.

Batteries: Proven cost-effective and environmentally safe recycling processes are not yet universally available for alkaline batteries. Some communities offer recycling or collection of alkaline batteries— contact your local government for disposal practices in your area. Otherwise, to find a battery recycling location near you. Never dispose of batteries in fire as they could explode.

Electronics (i.e. igniter wires, electric controller, heating element): Check with your local Council to find out e-waste pick-up days or drop-off locations.

Note: Keep in mind that accepted recyclables vary by Council Area. Check with your local Council to see what's allowed and what's not.

If you have an Electric model e.g. WestHawk, Westminster, Prem-i-air, Shades of Comfort or Chillchaser Patio Heater, please call us to arrange a free collection 01358 722224

+Heaters Hire

If you wish a short or long-term patio heater rental please call us on +44 1358 722224 or simply hire online from our dedicated page.

+Infrared Heater Covers

Click here to see a selection of patio heater covers to match your requirements.

+Paint Finish and Vinyl Wrapping offered for Chillchaser's Patio Heaters

UV protected UK Made Polyester Powder-Coating
Chillchaser® Heaters use only the best Interpon™ 300 and 600 Powder-coating Withstands High/Low temperatures and temperature variances Should last 10-15yrs even in inclement weathers. Used on vehicles, bus shelters and patio furniture 80-90 microns of coating for maximum protection and quality finish. Various colours available including our "colour match service".

Vinyl Wrapping UK Made – the ultimate eye-catching graphics will make your heater really stand out and set you apart from the crowd
Using our large format Vinyl printer, we can now print onto a vinyl designed for 'wrapping' heaters, cars, vans, trucks etc. This results in some real head-turning advertising which is very cost effective compared to other forms of advertising. This vinyl also protects the heater paintwork and can be removed after years of exposure to reveal paint 'as good as new' which also allows your heater to hold value better.

Colour match service Chillchaser® Heaters can be made to any RAL colour number you want – simply go to and choose your colour to match furniture or simply to stand out in your premises or Garden.

+Benefits of Infrared Heaters— what makes them so unique?

It is claimed that infrared heaters not only heat your body but also expunge toxins from throughout the body— helps reduce weight and is an effective treatment of conditions such as joint pain and arthritis as well as many metabolic conditions. But most importantly, the warm orangey glow makes you feel good.

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